Why isn’t your English getting any better?

Where is the problem?!

Stepping in the shoes of ‘Latin,’ English slowly became the international language for science and research and as a result, ultimately turned into one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world. If you study, work or even just travel, chances are that you have ended up in situations where just knowing English did not seem enough, as awkwardly enough, you could not express what you really meant in word!
But Why?! After all, you have spend YEARS and YEEEEAAARS learning English; thousands of dollars and many embarrassing moments! So, why is it that you still cannot speak English like a pro?!
Well! Truth of the matter is that it is quite simple to explain why and once you understand what the missing piece of the puzzle is, you will be able to transform your language skills forever!
In this article, I will try and explain the reason behind linguistic inaccuracies and lack of fluency and offer a simple solution that everyone cause. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

✅ Master in the head, Broken on the tongue!

The first thing to understand is that speaking a language is much more than learning the grammar and the vocabulary of that language, but rather your ability to understand their culture, their attitudes and the history behind it all. This is because Language as a concept comes at two different levels: Linguistic Competence which is your brain’s ability to receive auditory or visual signals, analyze them and assign each to a meaning, and Linguistic performance which is what most people mean when they use the word LANGUAGE. Linguistic performance is your physical ability to use your linguistic knowledge with other humans. To put it simply, the knowledge you gain by studying English in an ESL or IELTS class only adds up to your competence and basically has nothing to do with your performance; therefore, while it is absolutely necessary for you to gain as much knowledge as you can, it does not mean that you will be able to use it in real life (That is why most teachers use the term “skill” to describe your linguistic performance).

✅ The Red Tongue and The Green Head!

As you learn English from your teachers, you see that they try to spend as much time as possible having you and your classmates speak and write, but why is that?! The reason behind this torture should by now be obvious to you; they are trying to get you to develop the Productive skills you need along the line as you expand your knowledge of English Grammar and vocabulary, but …
Research has shown that for every new piece of linguistic information that you gain (considering that you have a perfect memory and gain the knowledge on the spot as the teacher teaches you), you need between 10 to 60 hours of practice in order to master the correct usage of that piece of information in your conversations! YES! 60 HOURS! But there is a small problem! Anyone with the most basic Math skills can simply calculate and quickly realize that this would add up to ridiculously large amounts of money you need to spend if you decide to do this with a teacher! So, are there any other solutions?

The Solution?!

Well! Of course! Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this article! 🙂 Isn’t it obvious?!




Yes! Just like any other skill, use of language takes practice and endurance. You could and should always take the chance to speak and write, even if there is nobody to correct your mistakes; a friendly chat at a cafe or corresponding with a pen-friend are great ways to establish your confidence and practice strictly targeted pieces of grammar and vocabulary. Even though it lacks a vital piece, which is Error Correction and Feedback, it can still benefit you much more than you can imagine!
But again in reality, you definitely need a teacher or a professional coach to note your mistakes and give you feedback on how to express yourself just like a native speaker does. And Linguipal is just that!
At Linguipal, you get the chance to chat with millions of others, practice speaking for life, education and business. More than 75% of immigrants to English Speaking countries such as Canada (That’s where we are!) experience difficulties dealing with native speakers while attending events or business meetings. Even things as simple as ordering a cup of coffee can be challenging at times! That is why Linguipal offers various Free Discussion sessions every day, each focusing on a different matter, from Christmas shopping and ordering food, all the way to Business Negotiations and college life!
Simply join for free, browse through the many events we organize every week and enroll in the ones that are most relevant to you. You speak and make your mistakes; our speaking coaches and teachers take notes for you and guide you toward the best ways native speakers express similar opinions.

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