Who is Linguipal?!

Hi! Welcome to Linguipal!

We are really excited to have you here 🙂

Who are we?! We are a group of teachers and examiners who have come together to create the only English Speaking center you may ever need in order to practice and Speak like a Native Speaker! Sounds amazing?! Of course it is! We have everyone ranging from experienced ESL teachers all the way to super professional IELTS and TOEFL examiners, let alone our team of Public Speaking Experts!

Starting in 2000, our founder (Sherlock Javady) set foot on a journey that took him teaching across the globe. After years of experiencing cultures, learning and teaching habits and making thousands of friends, he put together the most effective method that can help anyone turn from a Speaker of English as a Foreign Language to a Native-like Pro! And do you know what’s best? That it actually works!

Here are the Three steps you need to take to start sounding like a Native Speaker:

1. Join Linguipal for Free and create your profile. By doing so, you get access to our Social Network where you can find people with similar interests, invite your friends to practice speaking and join Study Groups with hundreds of members and Professional Speaking Coaches!

2. Sign up for Discussion events that you are interested in or need for your life after immigration. We know how difficult it can be to adapt yourself to a new culture and a fresh speaking style! That’s why we add new discussion topics every week!

Do you need to practice speaking for your upcoming IELTS, TOEFL or CELPIP test? No problem! Go to “All Events” page and sign up for One-on-One sessions with an examiner, get a real-life score and super-detailed feedback to help you prepare for the test!

3. Join the event when the time comes; make as many mistakes as you can, and let our coaches show you how to fix those problems! As simple as that! Are you ready to become a native-like speaker?!

More About Our Team: All of our team members are experts of their own industries. Our Language Coaches are handpicked from the best ESL teachers we have ever worked with, and our Public Speaking coaches you ask?! Well! We quite literally have partnered with the most iconic Public Speaking figures in U.S.A and Canada to guarantee training quality like no other place!

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