Frequently Asked Questions

What levels are the Discussion Sessions at?

All discussion sessions are designed for learners at Upper intermediate level or higher. Please review the discussion questions provided on our ‘Discussion Library’ page before purchasing a ticket.

How can I find other learners?

From the left side menu, select “Members” to see a list of all active members. You can request friendship or send private messages from the user’s profile page.

Can I cancel a session I bought a ticket for?

All ticket sales are final as we need to plan for the session based on the number of attendees. Once you purchase a ticket to an event, you need to attend.

Can I ask for a refund?

Refunds apply only if you have purchased a session, but could not attend because of a technical issue on our end. To request a refund, please email with your Name, User ID and the link to the event you purchased.

Is this a subscription? Will I be charged regularly?

Absolutely not! Linguipal is a session by session service. You only pay for the session you want, no more and no less!

Where can I find a list of the sessions I have purchased?

You can access your payment options, order history and much more by clicking on “My Account” button found on the left side main menu. You can also choose to save your payment methods for future event purchases.

Why is my account deactivated?

We rely on our users to maintain professionalism and avoid false or offensive language. If such behavior happens, the user is banned from the platform.

Do you think your account was deactivated by mistake? Email us at and we will review your request.

What currency does Linguipal use?

Since we are a Canadian company, all prices are shown in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Linguipal does not charge any exchange fees. If you own a credit card that holds a different currency, your bank/Credit Institution will apply the exchange rate.

Can I take IELTS or TOEFL tests on

No. We are not an official IELTS. TOEFL or CELPIP test center. We can however help you prepare for your speaking test. Need guidance booking a real test? No problem. Ask your speaking coach and they’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction.

Do I have to study everyday?

Not really! It all depends on you and your goals. Think of Linguipal as the place you go to practice and correct your mistakes, rather than repeating the same lessons you have learned before. At the end of every session, you receive a list of the mistakes you have made and a guide on how a Native speaker would say those sentences. We recommend you to go over these notes before your next practice session.