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Get Access to 1 on 1 IELTS, TOEFL and CELPIP Speaking test preparation and Coaching

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Linguipal is where you can make friends, discuss common interests and join events together!

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Our Speaking events run round the clock so you always have somewhere to practice, no matter the time!

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With every event you join, you get Access to our Mini Library of relevant Vocabulary and Idioms!

What do our learners think?


English-wise, the way my teacher spoke to the students, like the words he used, the speed he spoke at and all that jazz helped me a lot to understand what real native speakers sound like when all the other teachers always try to speak formally and slow down.

Moeno Masuda

Sherlock is very professional with his teachings and full of humor. In his discussion classes, I can get feedback on not only basic grammatical aspects but also natural expressions. He teaches how native speakers talk and use phrases.

Haeun Kim

It was nice to have the opportunity to speak English with a native speaker.  He listened to our conversation during speaking practices, and corrected  grammatical mistakes or our awkward sentences after we finished. He didn’t mention who were wrong. I think he wanted us to keep  confident even if we spoke English incorrectly.

Warley Goncalves Silva

I have had the great pleasure of being Sherlock’s student. I enjoyed every moment of his classes and truly admired his methods of teaching. After taking his course, I felt prepared and encouraged to face the academic challenges in college. I don’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone out there.

Reza Aliyari

Linguipal coaches are amazing at teaching. They prepared me for university education with practical assignments and thorough instructions. The support is fantastic.

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Linguipal is the result of a long lasting team work. Beginning in 2002, Linguipal formed as an alliance of a handpicked group of Language instructors and Speaking coaches across 6 countries all with one goal in mind; to help millions of learners unlock their true potential by giving them the space to develop their skills. Over the years, we have extended our reach to hundreds of Speaking professionals across the globe with strong backgrounds not only in ESL, EAP, IELTS, TOEFL, CELPIP, but even Public Speaking and Business English! Want to learn where our inspiration came from? Read more…


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